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    Education is the kindling of a flame,

    not the filling of a vessel.


    Candle in Hands

    Welcome to Spark Hybrid Education Center in Naples!

    2022 Class Photo.jpg

    Students Pursuing Advanced Reasoning & Knowledge


    SPARK is a 3-day a week hybrid education program

    providing classes in Math, Science, 

    Language Arts, & Social Studies

     in Naples, Florida.


    Our Mission: To equip students with the knowledge, 

    critical thinking skills, and work habits that instill

    a sense of responsibility for their education

    and a passion for lifelong learning.

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    Math &

            Skills taught:

    • Fractions & Decimals

    • Ratios & Percent

    • Graphs & Data Analysis

    • Pre-Algebra

    • Algebra I

    • Geometry

    • Solving Real-World Problems

    SCIENCe &

            Units covered:

    • Life Science

    • Earth Science

    • Physical Science

    • Technology

    • Hands-on Experiments

    • Lab Analysis

    • STEM Challenges

            Skills taught: 

    • Literary Elements

    • Prose and Poetry

    • Reference Materials

    • Writing Conventions

    • MLA Writing Style

    • Socratic Discussions

    • Oral Presentations

    history & SOCIAl STUDIES

            Units Covered:

    • United States History

    • Geography & Map Skills

    • Civics & Government

    • Economics

    • World Wars

    • World Civilizations

    • Diverse Cultural Perspectives

    Content Overview

    EnglisH &
    LANGUAGe arts



    Danielle, Parent

    FINALLY! A program that teaches to ability as opposed to grade level and testing. My daughter is EXCITED for school every day. The teachers are amazing and the individual attention helps each student thrive. An absolute lifesaver for our family who was struggling with home education. Hybrid education is the perfect solution. I cannot say enough, so happy to have found SPARK!

    Roserdley, Parent

    What I love about hybrid education is that it

    provides learning which includes collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

    More importantly, it allows students to manifest

    one of their most powerful God-given tools -

    the freedom of choice. I think SPARK Hybrid

    Education Center effectively ignites the brilliant

    minds of its students with student-centric

    classrooms. That is what I love about SPARK.

    Mila, Parent

    Spark Hybrid Education Center is an amazing place. Among its many attributes are small class size, personal attention, diversified age group,

    exposure to critical thinking, exceptional teachers but most of all, a very uplifting and positive

    learning environment. Our daughter is thriving

    and her enjoyment for learning just soars.

    Job well done SPARK!

    What students
    say about

    • SPARK is flexible and challenging; they teach at your level and mix learning with fun.

    • If you don’t understand something, they will explain it to you.

    • Teachers don’t cram information; they allow us to process, think, and really learn.

    • Kids are kind; no bullying allowed.

    • It's closer knit with fewer students, I love it, it's like a second home.

    • The people here are very uplifting, it's an atmosphere of kindness and happiness.

    • Other teachers have to follow this one curriculum... step...pattern; but you have created a foundation of something bigger with a lot of different people and variety because nobody really learns exactly the same.

    • At my other school, a teacher called my friend by her assigned 4-digit number because she couldn’t remember her name, that is not okay. Nobody calls me a number here.

    • In a lot of schools, it’s more like a factory; you manufacture every kid to do the math the way that the school says, this is the curriculum, this is how you have to do it, if you do it any other way, even if you get the right answer, you have to do it the way we want you to.

    • You adapt to everyone’s different learning styles and that makes it a safe spot for anyone who just wants to learn.

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    Sparkles Program K-Grade 5

    Contact: Olivia Morell


    3100 Bailey Lane

    Naples, FL 34105

    Thanks! Message sent.

    SPARK Program Grades 6-8

    Contact: Darlene Thiele


    3100 Bailey Lane

    Naples, FL 34105

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