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Literary Elements

Prose and Poetry

Writing Conventions

MLA Writing Style

 Google Documents

Socratic Discussions

Oral Presentations


  • Read classic novels from various genres

  • Decoding skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension

  • Discussion skills through questioning techniques

  • Provide information from text to support responses.



  • Figurative language

  • Read and learn structure of different types of poems

  • Write original poems


Writing, Grammar, and Usage

  • Parts of speech - noun, adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, preposition

  • Prefixes and suffixes

  • Synonyms and antonyms

  • Know difference between homophones (you/you’re, there/their/they’re)

  • Understand basic parts of a paragraph and essay

  • Gather information from reliable sources

  • Organize information into a logical sequence

  • 4 types of essays - expository, narrative, descriptive, persuasive

Literary Elements

  • Plot, Conflict, Setting, and Character 

  • Argumentative: Supporting an Opinion

  • Analyzing Character and Point of View

  • Informative: Comparison-Contrast Essay

  • Understanding Theme 

  • Narrative: Short Story

Language and Culture

  • Mood, Tone, and Style

  • Informative: Literary Analysis

  • Appreciating Poetry

  • Structure, Sound Devices, Imagery, Figurative Language

  • Myths, Legends, and Tales

  • Characteristics & Cultural Values of Traditional & Classical Literature


  • Characteristics of Biographies and Autobiographies

  • Personal Narrative

  • Information, Argument, and Persuasion 

  • Structure, Purpose, Text Features, Graphical Aids

  • Main Ideas, Supporting Details, Organizational Patterns 

  • Argument: Persuasive Essay

  • The Power of Research

  • Reference Materials, Technology, Evaluating Source

  • Informative: Research Paper


Students are required to bring a laptop computer to class with a Google

account. We use gmail for communication, google for online research and resources, and google docs for writing and editing essays. Students are not required to be proficient with Google apps; they will learn how to use them 

in class.

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