You are Responsible for Your Own Learning

  1. Be prepared: come to class early, bring proper materials, and set out work without being told.

  2. You are responsible for keeping track of your assignments in a daily planner. Homework is posted in the classroom and on the website. If absent, you are responsible to find out what you missed and to hand in any required work.

  3. Assignments need to be completed and handed in on time.


Consequence: Three missing or incomplete assignments require scheduling time outside of class with the teacher to make up work. Tutoring rates apply.



Respectfully Participate in a Positive Learning Environment

  1. Use positive, polite speech and actions with students and teachers.

  2. Participate in class discussions and activities: no refusing to follow directions.

  3. Do your best and encourage others to do the same: do not distract others with side conversations.


Consequence: Fill out a Stop, Think, and Plan form. Three STP’s puts student on probation for continuing attendance at SPARK.


Technology Policy

Technology is for Educational Purposes

  1. Cell phones are to be put on silent and kept in backpacks. 

  2. Headphones and electronics are not used for entertainment while at SPARK. We go outside and play games during breaks.

  3. Lap top computers are opened and in use only when teacher has given permission to do so for classwork.


Consequence: Electronic will be taken away and returned at the end of the day.