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Fractions, Decimals

Ratios, Percent

Algebraic Expressions

Graphs, Data Analysis

Probability, Geometry

Real World Word Problems

Course 1

Decimals, Fractions & Mixed Numbers,

Integers, Graphs, Measurement, 

Properties of Two-Dimensional Figures, 

Perimeter & Area

Course 2

Decimals & Integers, Exponents,

Factors & Fractions, Equations & Inequalities, 

Ratios, Rates, Proportions, Percent, 

Geometry, Patterns & Rules, 

Coordinate Plane, Analyzing Data, 

Using Probability


Algebraic Expressions, Equations & Inequalities, 

Integers, Rational Numbers, Real Numbers,

Coordinate Plane, Graphs & Analyzing Data, 

Applications of Proportions & Percent,

Geometry, Measurement, Probability,

Functions, Polynomials & Properties of Exponents

Algebra I

Variables, Function Patterns & Graphs,

Solving Systems of Equations & Inequalities, 

Linear Equations, Exponents & Exponential Functions, Polynomials & Factoring, Quadratic Equations,

Radical Expressions & Equations,

Rational Expressions & Functions

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