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Life Science

Earth Science

Weather & Space

Forces & Motion

Matter & Energy

Hands-on Experiments

STEM Challenges

Life Science

Classifying Plants & Animals, Plant & Animal Adaptations,

Plant & Animal Cells, Cell Division, Microorganisms,

Genetics, Ecosystems, Human Body, Marine Biology

Earth Science

Features of Earth, Earth’s Moving Continents,

Forces That Build the Land & Shape Earth,

Changes in Geology over Time,

Conserving Our Resources,

Minerals & Rocks, Air & Water

Weather and Space

Weather & Climate, Precipitation & Clouds,

Predicting Weather, Astronomy, 

The Earth-Sun-Moon System,

The Solar System, Galaxies & Beyond


Classifying Matter, Elements & Compounds,

Solids, Liquids, & Gases, Water & Mixtures,

Chemical Properties, Carbon & Its Compounds,

Atoms & Energy

Forces and Motion

Forces & Motion, Waves & Sound,

Properties of Light & Heat,

Electricity & Magnetism

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